Laser Hair Treatment In Malaysia- Things To Know

One of the primary things to know is that most laser hair treatment therapies utilize lasers and pulsed lights which often work best on individuals with light skin and dark hair. If you have darker skin, it might work, but more often than not produces poor results and even skin discoloration. So, if you fall in the latter category, ask for the ND Yag Laser, which is specifically designed for your skin.
It is also imperative to note that lasers tend to affect the hair in the growth stage and all of your hair will fall out within 2 weeks. Ensure you decide which part of your body you want the treatment before signing up for one. It’s possible to get vast areas of your skin treated. The ideal spots, however, are the arms, shoulders, chest and the back. If you are looking for facial laser hair treatment, note that for the chin and upper lip, it works best for dark hair. If you’re blonde, you may want to consider electrolysis instead.
Be ready to attend around 4 to 6 sessions spread out between a month for the best hair removal results. Even after the sessions, you will need to schedule maintenance treatments for a couple of years to maintain the results. The yearly visit enables the specialists to monitor your hair growth and ascertain that it has stopped.
Also, know that laser hair treatment is not guaranteed to work entirely. Every individual has a different body. These treatments work for most people, but they don’t for some. You might experience no hair growth for a couple of years, but suddenly start to see hair sprout back up. Also, laser hair treatment in Malaysia can be quite expensive and so, if you are willing to do it, be prepared for the fact that it may not work.
If you are certain that laser hair treatment is something that you want to undergo, ensure you shave for three days before you attend treatment. If you turn up freshly shaven, you may be told to wait for a few days due to health concerns. Also, be ready for some pain. It’s not intense, but it can cause some discomfort depending on the treatment area. For some, all regions will sting with pain, but most usually feel discomfort in just the arms and legs. Regardless, it is advisable to take some pain medication before the session to prevent any possible pain. It’s ideally possible to apply some numbing cream or spray during the sessions to hamper discomfort.
Lastly, ensure that you choose a qualified and reliable specialist for laser hair treatment. Your skin is a delicate, sensitive and functional organ and so, you can’t trust it to just anyone. Avoid clinics in malaysia that offer huge discounts and price reductions. As mentioned, laser hair treatment is an expensive endeavor and so, anyone offering to do it at a cheap price is either lying or may not be professional. You can get quality hair treatment from Revival Clinic, a top aesthetic clinic in Malaysia.

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