History of Airport Life

Airport Life® is in the business of making air travel easier and less stressful. We do this with our powerful, easy-to-use mobile application. With approximately 3 Billion people flying every year, today’s airline industry is a gigantic, world-wide industry. Unfortunately, it has millions and millions of frustrated and dissatisfied customers. To ease the pain of traveling, many travelers will turn to their mobile devices and smart phones for assistance in their travels rather than an airport employee. After all, the new generation of smart phones and tablets and the apps that power them are made for travelers. They are a match made in heaven. Now the information passengers want can come to them.

Where other travel applications are limited to one purpose or only have a few functions, Airport Life® is a multi-functional, handy tool for travelers on the go. The most unique advantage that Airport Life® has over competitors is that it is the only travel app created by a Senior airline Captain. Passengers know they can trust it to make flying easier.

Now Airport Life® is one of the fastest growing travel applications on the market. Airport Life® has been downloaded by passengers in over 79 countries, and the numbers continue to rapidly rise today.

Not convinced? Download Airport Life® for your next flight and experience first-hand just how easy air travel can be.

Airport Life® At A Glance

  • Airport Life® saves time and the hassle by having all the travel information a passenger needs in one, easy to access location.
  • Once flight information has been entered in Airport Life®, it automatically keeps passengers updated on any changes to their flights.
  • Airport Life® is the only air travel application created by a veteran airline Captain.
  • For the first time, passengers in an airport can interact with and communicate with each other through the social networking feature within the application called “Airport Wall”.
  • Passengers can save money on the high cost of purchases with airport merchant coupons and discounts.

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