Features at your fingertips for navigating the airport, finding your car, tracking travel expenses and locating information quickly and easily!

Terminal maps for virtually every airport to guide you to the gate, lounge, services, stores, and restaurants. Goodbye, airport directory!

Record pictures, voice memo, GPS location & make notes on where you parked your car or rental car. Never forget where your car is again!

Get contact information for airlines as well as rules & policies for cancelled flights, carry-on rules, and much more.

Access TSA security rules. Know your rights before you go.

Get flight updates or changes sent to your phone when they happen with our auto-updating itinerary.

Update your family and friends on your travel plans through the app’s built-in interface with Facebook and Twitter.

Locate the best restaurants and stores in your airport based on star ratings and user reviews.

I believe flying should be easier & less frustrating for passengers. That’s why I started Airport Life. I’ve used my 26 years of experience to make an air travel app that gives passengers better information and more control over their journey.

Airport Life App Founder

Awesome App!!! (v1.4)
by Carguello on Aug 1, 2014
No other app (and certainly not the airline) told me I was owed $400 and a hotel room when my flight was canceled. Thanks for looking out for passengers!


Great App!!! (v1.3.3)
by Worldflyer75 on Sep 24, 2014
I just tried this and it works great for business trips.


Automatically get any changes to your flight pushed to your phone – be the first to know!


Navigate any unfamiliar airport with easy to use terminal maps that help you quickly find gates, stores and restaurants.


Find information on airline rules and policies, TSA Security rules, weather, even where you parked your car!


Use the social networking “Airport Wall” to interact with others in the airport, ask questions, get directions without having to track down airport staff workers.